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Import Services

Our Services Include:

Order Follow-up

Through our global network of partners worldwide, we offer our clients order follow-up services on orders they have placed with their suppliers. This helps alleviate the burden of order follow-up from our clients and expedites the supply process as follow-up is done from a location closer to the supplier’s location.

Global Transport network.

As part of our service portfolio we offer a door-to-door delivery service by Air, road and sea to/from most locations in the world, this has been successful by partnering with other organizations globally.

Import/Export Costing

We offer our clients assistance in all aspects of import and export costing by analyzing a number of factors and statutory charges imposed by governments and organizations involved in the movement of cargo internationally.

Tariff Options

We advise our clients on all tariff classifications, duty rates and other requirements relating to imports. We are able to establish the correct customs category and to advise on the feasibility of applying for a reduction.

Duty Concessions

We assist our in the preparation of the necessary documentation to obtain a reduction in the duty rate whenever it is applicable.

Import Services

Any where in the world to Nairobi