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Air Services


When the standard transport solution doesn’t meet the need, there is an option to go outside the norm and construct your own dedicated method of transport with the sole concern of looking after your specific needs. Comrades has build a reputation by affording our customers dedicated services when the situation calls and that is exclusive use of an aircraft for the transportation of passengers or cargo.

Examples of equipment available:

  • Private Jet Aircraft {VVIP}
  • Multi Passenger Aircraft
  • Combi - Passenger / Cargo Freighter Aircraft
  • Dedicated Passenger Aircraft.
  • Jet and Turbo Prop Aircraft
  • Helicopter – Passenger.


For those shipments that are urgent, time-sensitive and/or in remote locations, air freight is the most efficient and fastest form of transport from point A to point B. Comrade's elite team of air logistics professionals, will match your needs with the specific air transport routing, along with the correct aircraft type and size. From commercial passenger, freighter aircraft to dedicated exclusive charters, we can accommodate any air solution required.

Available air freight equipment and options:

  • IATA spec air containers and pallets
  • Palletized cargo, strapping
  • Crating and re-packaging
  • Full cargo aircraft, 20 foot pallets - to bulk load cargo aircraft
  • Small medium and large cargo and passenger aircraft available

Air charters

Air Frieght

Air Services